QB and Flex spot full PPR! Help!

Hey foot fam! Need some help deciding on my flex spot. Right now I have Josh Jacobs - is he the best start this week over Mostert, Mixon, Marlon Mack, and DJ Chark? I’m projected to lose right now. Need some solid upside!

For QB I have Josh Allen in. Best Avail on Waivers is Jimmy G, Eli Manning, Fitzmagic, Carr, Goff, or Blough.

Please help! I’m going against my boyfriend and I’ve lost to him 3 times this year between 2 leagues. And he isn’t even part of the foot clan!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::confounded::clap:t3:

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I would add jimmy g at qb only because of allen’s matchup against Pittsburgh. If Jacobs is healthy, I would definitely play him, then my backup option would be chark against the raiders if Jacobs is ruled out.

Roll jimmy g

Who do I drop to pick up Jimmy? He’s playing pack defense so I really don’t wanna drop one of those for him to pick up!

On QB - I am lower on Garroppolo than most. Here is how my QB model has the options you listed projected to finish in Weeks 15 & 16 (in case it matters for roster decision):
J. Allen - QB20, 24
Jimmy G - QB15, 20
Fitzmagic - QB5, 6
Manning - QB10, 18
Carr - QB21, 28
Goff - QB25, 29
Blough* - QB7, 23

*Still based on small sample size, so comes with higher risk and expected variance. I would not take him over Manning or Fitz.

Of those options, I would strongly prefer Fitz, especially if Parker makes it back this week, but even if he doesn’t. I agree with you that you shouldn’t drop those defenses. Personally I would drop Josh Allen to get Fitz. I’ve also been lower on Allen than most for a while (and took an ‘L’ on him a few times), but JJ Zachariason also said to drop him in his podcast this week and The Ballers have him ranked as the QB22 this week, so I think any reasonable fantasy process supports dropping Allen, you really shouldn’t play him the next two weeks.

My QB model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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