Qb and rd help

In a full point ppr. Should I start Connor or Howard. Also should I start cousins or Mahomes

Is there no way to get both Connor and Howard into your lineup?

Fire up Mahomes.

No. Melvin gorden is my other back and hen I have Jarvis Landry in my flex with thielen and hill as my starting wr

If you have to choose, I would say Connor. I however would move Landry out of your flex and into your WR and sit Thielen. With full PPR both Howard and Connor are going to get plenty of points for touches alone and both will probably find the endzone.

Wow. You really think sitting thielen. I didn’t even think that. Scares me cause he good for 7-10 catches a game

Always trust your gut, but sounds like you got one hell of a roster so it shouldn’t matter. I’d start Conner over Howard , and I think it’s a shootout in Pittsburgh fire up mahommes .

Thanks man. Really appreciate the help

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