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QB Apocalypse


The past couple weeks have driven me crazy - my QBs are Russell Wilson and Dak Prescott.

All the rankings have them over Alex Smith this week, but I still want to play Alex Smith.

What would you guys do? Am I making a bad decision here?


Standard scoring. 10 team league.


I have WIlson and Im frustrated too but last year he was horrible in weeks 1 and 2 also. Im starting him this week but I picked up Cutler on waivers just to hold and see how he does. Im not expecting 3 TD passes or 300+ yd games but I do expect him to be running for his life with that O-Line so Im looking at rushing yards to offset the lack of passing TDs. In last weeks game Seattle pulled out a win but only when they allowed Wilson to start running. I am hoping Pete sees that and makes Wilson’s legs part of his game plan to compensate for the O-line woes. I think Wilson has a few rushing TDs along the way too.


E, I’m in the same situation as wobuddy but I’m choosing to start Cutler / Wilson because I just can’t deny the excellent matchup Cutler has, that I think the Dolphins will be inclined not to try to run the ball if they get a lead I think they’ll keep their foot on the gas and finally because I’ve lost faith in Wilson and the Seahawks until they prove me wrong. So my answer to your question is if you can’t pick up Cutler go with Dak.