QB bonzana

I waited as usual to draft a QB and I normally stream the position. I ended up getting stafford very late and he has been good for me. However, Mariota and cousins are on the waiver wire? Should I think about adding one?

Man i wish i had qbs on the wire, im stuck with dak or palmer lol personally i woukd pick up captain kirk for ros, he always struggles first two weeks

How many bench spots do you have? If only say 5 I would probably wait, but 7? I would stash someone for sure.

I have a bye week 4. I was looking at streaming blake bortles week 5-7 then pluggin in tyrod taylor the rest of the season. He has only thrown 1 interception threw the hardest part of his schedule. He will be a good option as well. I dont know who is on your waiver wire but I think mariota is the safer bet because of his legs. Kirk hasnt really had much time with his new work in progress offense =