QB choice for the Chipper matchup

Here I am in the Chipper with 3 QBs on the roster. Looking to grab my opponents Gueley handcuff and need to drop one. Need to pick one to drop out of:
J. Allen

I have rode Cousins this far but the Vikes O has dropped off significantly but leaning towards dropping Winston and keeping the hot hand Allen. Thoughts?

Iā€™d drop Winston. Tough matchup at Dallas.

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Agreed. Cant play Winston at Dallas I dont think. Allen vs. Cousins is tough. I probably roll Allen for the glory play!

Without a doubt play allen and drop winston. I am actually contemplating playing Allen over Brees due to the last 3 weeks have been really bad from Brees. Allens floor has been better than Brees the last 3 weeks.

Alright, thanks gents. Buh bye Winston!