QB Dak decisions

Should I start Dak week 13 or pick up and start Keenum or McCown off of waivers? I need to win this week in order to get a first round bye and right now I can’t trust Dak. Let me know your thoughts, Thanks!

Case keenum is probably your best option next week - that team looks very much legit. Mccown against a chiefs defense is also not a bad second option. I unfortunately don’t have the luxury of picking up either of those, so I will be looking forward to getting burned by dak for the third week in a row. I don’t trust him, but I also don’t need to win.

In your situation, definitely go away from dak.

Yeah here’s hoping I even get one of them. Im 11th out of 12 in the waiver order lol someone before me might just grab them so I don’t get them!

Kennum, bench Dak until further notice. If you don’t get Kennum, watch which QB was dropped during the week.

I don’t know that it’s enough to be proven yet, but Hundley finally looked like a QB against the Steelers. He went to multiple options and the Packers looked like a team. If you’re not able to snag any of the others, might be an available option against the Buccs.