QB Decision, Need Help

I have Dalton and he sucked big time this week so I’m thinking of trading for another one, since I didn’t draft a backup. Am I overreacting to one bad game or should I consider trading for a better quarterback. Waivers isn’t an option since almost every team in my 12 team league has two quarterbacks. The only ones available are the bottom tier quarterbacks.

maybe you should throw out someone you’re targeting and your team so we can help

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My team is:
QB Dalton
RB Zeke, Ajayi, Kelly, West, McFadden, Rawls
WR Hill, Pryor, Jeffery, Garcon, Cobb,
TE Rudolph
I was looking to trade for either Mariota or Prescott since they’re backups for their respective owners. The Prescott owner needs receivers since Allen Robinson just got hurt and the Mariota needs receivers as well since two of his starting receivers are Brandon Marshall and Kelvin Benjamin.

Buy low with Cobb. Coming off a good game, but I don’t trust his injury history.

I’ve got Dalton in a league and I’ll be dropping him for anybody off the wire. Tyrod, Wentz, Palmer etc

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I’m also thinking about trading for Wilson, since the owner is really weak at receiver and has two quality quarterbacks. Would Pryor and Ajayi for Wilson and Fournette or Stewart be a fair trade?