Qb defense question need help

Ok should I play mariota or mccown this is a standard league 16 man can’t pick up anyone other than manning and on defense should I go with the steelers, rams, or cardinals

next time include the matchups! makes it a little easier for us to deliberate.

I would lean Mccown here. Hard to play in Denver Stadium but Denver seems a bit out of it. That being said so did the Giants at one point and they seemed to have now picked things up a bit.

This is coming from the guy who played Mccown in week 12 against TB (12.5 points)

hes been hot lately, has been playing well, and seems to have momentum. Whereas Mariota has been unreliable this season, and though he seems to be healthy and playing better away at Arizona Stadium makes me nervous

as far as def goes… give me the steelers home against baltimore

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Yea sorry I posted this yesterday and didn’t get a reply when I had the chance to pick up the jets. My only concern with playing the steelers is without shazier and Baltimore is hit or miss.

Flacco has been bad, it is gonna be a tough game for him in Pittsburg. Rolls Steelers. I think Mariota is a the safer bet. But if you are hoping for the most pts. I would go with McCown, I see 275 yards and 2 tds vs a Denver team that cannot produce on offense and has struggled alot on Def.

just wanted to update you quickly.

I am picking Denver as my fan duel defense…

I told you to roll with MCcown… but my shot in the dark this week is that Denver decides to show up and put their foot down with a little more stability on offense.

Just wanted to throw that idea out there since i recommended Mccown… S

still a good play I think