QB Dilema - Wentz or Mitch Truth-bisky ROS

Mitch is on waivers!

I presently have Wentz and Matt Ryan for QB’s. I am an Eagles fan and while Wentz is playing ok, I feel like his stats are padded because of scoring drives in the 4th quarter trying to stage a comeback; maybe this might better labeled GARBAGE TIME. Aside from the Giants, I am not sure about production ROS because the birds most likely aren’t making the post season and aren’t playing like the offensive juggernaut from 2017. And the New Orleans game is no cake-walk either; much like the Pats defense last year, they got gashed early and their numbers were highly skewed versus how they were actually playing as the season progressed. The Saints D actually looks legit and possibly worth a stash for the playoffs as they’re playing for home field.

Would it be reasonable to drop Wentz for Mitch Truth-bisky? Then I’d have Matty Ice and Truth-bisky for “streamers” from my bench…

I could roster 3 QB’s but that’s a terrible idea outside of a multi QB format.

Also trying to drop Josh Adams and possibly Sutton for Anthony Miller (I love his explosiveness and his ability to get separation) and either Tennessee or New Orleans DST…

Just tagged a few folks whose opinions are well respected.

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I’d rather have Wentz than Trubisky. He’s gone on a bit of a tear for sure and looks like ARob is finally back in there but if you look at the games, he is scoring most of these points via garbage time or against atrocious teams. Detroit is trash and pretty awful and was missing their best defensive player in Slay in that game which allowed Arob to go ham as well. He definitely has a great rushing floor ceiling but I want to see what he does vs Vikings. If you look at his game vs buffalo who are a good defense, he really didn’t do much. Now I understand the defense did their part and scored TDs but he still put up <8 points as a QB which is embarassing. And it was a similar story when he went up against SEA and put up like 16 points.

And although Wentz hasn’t gone out and had the same ceiling games as Trubisky, he is way more consistent regard of home/road and win/loss. That’s more so what I am looking for when I am getting a QB.

And that’s besides the point where I wouldn’t even be rostering 2 QBs unless there was some incredible match up I really liked. I guess Trub has a decent playoff schedule but at the same time, i don’t really see myself playing him over wentz in any of those weeks.