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QB Dilemma, Need Help


So I’m streaming quarterbacks and I put in a waiver claim for Cutler but someone else got him first. So the best available was Kizer so I picked him up, but someone just dropped Cousins. Who should I go with Kizer or Cousins?


Anybody have any suggestions?


cousins… he will get back to form. Kizer is a toss up depending on the matchups.


I play in a 2 QB league my QBs are
Mariota, Palmer and Kizer…

Im benching Mariota v SEA this week and playing Kizer v INDY… if that helps at all… I just like the match up against Indy… im hoping a day like Watson had last thursday with him using his legs… It hurts to sit Mariota but I feel like I gotta do it this week…


If you had Kizer and Cousins this week, who would you play?


id say kizer vs indy and cousins vs oakland is a pretty equal match up for both, plus I believe cousins is the better qb in a better situation than kizer in cleveland. Think you pick up Cousins just because of his long term value vs. kizer


OK thanks for the advice and confirming what I was thinking.


Yup. Kizer short term. Cousins long term.