QB Disaster

I’m starting to Panic a little bit with my QB’s I had Dak all season and believed he was my man until lately. I then picked up Goff in need and have been okay. But the Matchup with Goff is awful vs the Eagles and Dak vs the Giants with Dak being the new Dak. Do I go for McCown off waivers or trust one of my two QBS?!

I am in almost the same exact position in my league but was thinking about playing Garoppolo V. Houston.
Personally, McCown feels like a safe bet but I would love feedback from others as well.

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this situation doesn’t sound so bad to me… you could be in an even worse situation and have drafted Drew brees in the fourth round as your qb… :slight_smile:

I would avoid goff this week.

Ok now you’re left with Dak and Mccown.

I dont think Mccown is the wrong answer but I think that Dak is the right answer.

now lets say we have a side kicker and cousins in on waivers… (Just saw this) would you consider him against the chargers D

I would either stay in the McCown flames or go for cousins. Dak has been too inconsistent lately for me personally.

I would pick cousins over both of them tbh

If I didn’t have a bye i’d be playing McCown this week. But if Dak has a solid game again I might switch back within a week