QB draft question

Just joined a 10 team 1 ppr league. QBS get 6 pts for TDs but only -1 pt for INTs. Does the -1 for INTs change the recommended strategy for drafting a QB in the later rounds? I’m thinking probably not much if at all, right? 2 wrs, 2 rbs, 1 te, 2 w/r/t flexes, 1 k, 1 Def, 1 idp + 8 bench spots. I appreciate any suggestions!


I try to wait until the 7th or 8th round to even start looking at QBs. I’ve been able to pick rivers in the 10th round in two of my leagues. So no i would just keep the strategy of drafting a late round QB.

Cool thanks! I’ve been getting guys like Stafford, luck, and rivers all 7th round or later. It’s awesome.