QB drafting tendencies

I have noticed that only only time I draft a QB before the double digit rounds is if I have solid starters with consistency (high floors). Does anyone else follow this strategy? Or does the consistency of players not effect how they draft QBs anyways?

it can. for the most part i only draft a QB before double digit rounds if i dont see a lot of players i like in the current round, or an abundance of them. then ill look at a QB in the 7th or 8th round. i rarely feel that comfortable with my depth by then though, and thats what really effects it for me. cause i may have a solid group of starters that i am SUPER comfortable with, but i always keep it in the back of my head how important depth is. cause no matter how good my first 6 rounds is, 2-3 injuries and that confidence turns into disaster really quick.

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