QB Drafting

I have had a lot of success with taking a single QB late in drafts and streaming the position the past few years. However, in one of my leagues, most teams take multiple QBs every year, which makes streaming difficult. With that in mind do you think it makes sense to try to grab a stud early so I shouldn’t have to worry about it? Or am I better off just grabbing a couple of late round QBs and streaming between the 2?

my 2cents is that unless you reach for one of those top 5 guys, the strategy you normally run is totally fine.

In 2017 i reached early and got Russ Wilson as like the 4th QB off the board, and was rewarded with one of his best seasons as a set it and forget it guy, and ended up in second.

The following year i waited until round 11-12 and picked up Rivers, and still ended up having a great season ending in 4th.

That season made me really devalue the QB position so much because so many of them can really perform and have a great impact on your fantasy team. This year, based on all the mocks i’ve done, i feel fine waiting for those double digit rounds and ending up with a big ben, rivers, winston, and either goff/wentz if they fall

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i have been in all kinds of leagues with all kinds of players. i always have more success with the leagues that draft multiple QBs and early. so me personally, thats when i dig in even harder and will just refuse to draft a QB until i absolutely have to. which could be the 8th round btw, especially if there is a value for a QB still around or something like that. last year i left a draft like that with ryan fitz. week 3 i switch to tannehill and that worked out great too. just keep a list of some low round guys that have a great starting schedule and try to make sure you get one of them and you will be fine.

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Stick with what works. There are still plenty of QBs late that you can stick with just about every week and do just fine with.

So, I joined a 14 team PPR league with a typical scoring system for RBs, WRs and TEs (1 point per rush or catch every 10 yds and 6 points per TD), but the scoring for the QB is 1 point per completion, 1 point for every 20 passing yards, passing and rushing TDs are 6 points and INTs are -2). This system seems to overvalue the pure passing QBs. Am I correct in this assumption or will the value for all QBs elevate in this scoring system? With a roster of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB, WR, TE), 1 K and 1 DST, I typically wait until later in the draft to grab a QB to make sure I have a solid core and a little depth, but in this system should I change the strategy to draft a top QB earlier? What would you do?

In a system like that then I’d try and grab a QB from a pass happy team because they’re overvalued in this system. I’d still stick with the same strategy in rnds 1-4 but I would spend a 5th or something on my QB in this scoring system.