QB Dream Stream

These choices are so dreamy, let me tell you about them…

Eli Manning vs TB
Blake Bortles vs PIT
Marcus Mariota vs IND

In 4pt TD format, who is better to go against my opponent’s Goff + Woods stack?

If it matters, I have Engram, Barkley, Corey Davis starting.

Since you need to be swinging for the fences I’d go Manning :woozy_face:

Just hope that one or more of his 3 playmakers can get a lot of YAC against TB defense.

It always makes me feel stupid when I think about streaming Eli lol. The matchup looks so good though.

It’s definitely between him and Mariota at this point.

I ended up grabbing Eli…man oh man.

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I know it’s gross, but I think the choice is Eli.
Might end up with a couple INT with a pick 6, but also should toss 2 or 3 TDs (hopefully for you, at least one to Barkley or Engram)

Yeah, it shouldn’t be too bad.

I have another situation in a different league.

Ryan vs DAL or Fitz @NYG