Qb drop or Hold

1 QB league but like to have 2 in case of Injury like now.

Have Russell Wilson and Hurts. Need a TE as Pitts is on Bye. We have an IR spot and was hoping they would put Wilson on IR so I could grab a TE for the week. Would you wait a few days and see if they put on IR or drop him.

Could drop Wilson, grab a TE .

I have the #1 Waiver and could then pick Wilson back up?

I dont think anyone will rush and get Wilson in most 1 qb leagues. Hurts should be fine ROS too so you might even want to wait a week or two and use your priority on a Jeff Wilson or someone more valuable.


If it’s redraft, I would drop Russ. Hurts is more than capable depending on league size a streamer on Philly bye week will get you through

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