QB drop question

So I have been starting Stafford (drafted in 13th round) but Dalton is available for free right now as a FA and I really like his upcoming schedule. I also have Aj Green. Think its ok to just drop Stafford and pick up Dalton? I don’t like to carry 2 QB’s on my roster, and I don’t really have any players to drop.

You are in streamer territory and dalton has a better matchup. make the move

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Thats kinda scary cuz you know stafford is going to another team if u drop him

You sure there is nobody else u could drop for a week or replace easily?

scary scary. Dalton definitely has the better matchup. But if I saw Stafford I’d swoop him up.

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I’m going to do it I think, but you’re right @Desertdregs, everyone in my league rosters 2 or more QB’s so I’m sure he will get picked up. My bench is Marvin Jones, Dion Lewis, Devonta Freeman (injury), Corey Davis, Buck Allen and Calvin Ridley. The two I would maybe drop are Buck Allen or davis? I’d lean more davis as RB’s are so scarce and allen gets so many red zone chances.

I drafted him, then dropped him for Phillip Rivers then I dropped rivers against the rams picked up Stafford for the week then dropped him again cause I’m taking the risk on Mayfield for fun :slight_smile: no one even tried to pick up stafford the two times two weeks he was on waivers in my league

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@Amashhadi my league would jump after Stafford and season long, id rather have stafford. If your okay with doing the weekly russian roulette with your QB, then drop stafford but youre right you dont have a lot of depth to drop

Ya this is tough. I know Davis hasn’t performed well but he will most likely get grabbed as well. Especially with Mathews being released he has even more upside now. I’m just staring at the add/drop screen just trying to figure out who to let go.

I dropped Davis due to lack of production. I know he has a good chance to go off once Mariota is healthy and other options have vanished but you are solid at WR with Marvin Jones and Ridley on the bench.


Good call.

Yea who are your starters??