Qb, Flex, and Fornette prob. Help pls

For Flex (who to roll out)
Kelvin Benjamin (LAC), inman (det), golladay (chi),


Thought on Fornette? What is this inj w ankle
And roll Fornette or mixon? (bell already played)

which qb this week?
Bortals heavy rain I guess (Cle), Cutler (TB), Eli (K)
Have parker as wr2 this week.

other players
Cam(bye), MEvans, Grahm, ajones, K-elliot, def-jax

Inman definitely. He is the number one wr in chi. Fournette looking less likely to play. Even if he does, probably will not do well. He had less than 50 yards on 17 carries. Try to grab Yeldon who did great when fournette was out. Cutler and stack with Parker. I have done that in some of my leagues.


The weather is gonna be terrible in Cleveland and Inman is a good play I believe this week-I liked him in San Diego but there was too many mouths to feed there-


=) thanks.

I picked up Cutler for a homer this week.
yeldon was picked up tues… I have to play mixson vs den… denver…


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100% agree w chargers.

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+1, i also agree with that!