QB for Emmanuel Sanders

I’m currently 7-1 in a 14 team league. I have Carson Wentz as my only QB and he has Chi, Bye, NE coming up. I need a backup and am being offered two trades for Emmanuel Sanders. Would you prefer Jacoby Brissett or Josh Allen? Would you even trade Sanders away at all?

My other WRs are Tyler Lockett, Amari Cooper, Robby Anderson, Michael Gallup and D Jax.

Any insight would be helpful clan!

Next 3 games-
Brisset: PIT, MIA, JAX
Allen: WAS, CLE, MIA

The matchups are pretty favorable for both of them, but Allen has the edge there.
He’s also more likely to get you rushing yards. He may not be as efficient of a passer as Brisset, but for fantasy purposes I think he’s solid.

I’m fine dealing Sanders. I’m a Niners fan, and we don’t target one WR a ton. We prefer running it ofcourse, and spread the ball around. Sanders takes the attention of their #1 corner, so the rest of the guys can eat. He’ll have some solid games, but our game script just doesn’t favor big games for a single WR.

I’d go Sanders for Allen.