QB for long stretch

I’ve been debating this with a couple of friends for a bit.
Trying to figure out which QB I should restore for the rest of the season and hopefully for the playoffs all the way to championship(crossing fingers).

10 person .5 PPR

Current Roster:

Josh Allen
Dalvin Cook
Nick Chubb
Aaron Jones
Tevin Coleman
Alex Mattison
Tyler Lockett
Mike Evans
Terry McClaurin
Michael Gallup
Allen Robinson
Mark Andrews
Pittsburgh D
San Fran D

On the wire:
Kyler Murray
Carson Wentz
Jameis Winston
Ryan Tannenhill
Matt Ryan

I don’t think I want anything to do with Kyler Murray especially with the bye and the upcoming schedule.

Josh Allen I am done with after this week.

Carson Wentz looks promising to me.

Jameis Winston to me looks like is the best pick up for the long run(even though he’s a turnover machine)

Matt Ryan, but I just don’t trust that team.

What do you guys think? I’m thinking of dropping Allen grabbing Winston and find a way to get room on my bench for Wentz as well.

Thank you!

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If possible I would roster Winston and Ryan and play them based on match ups. Winston is the best available option in my model, but he does have some risk, but if you can only get one, I’d get Winston. Personally I’d find a way to get Ryan too, at least through Week 12 when he plays Tampa (he’s the projected QB1 that week). Full QB model for Weeks 11-16 below.

My Week 11 streaming post here has models for QB and also TE and DST. Please check it out. Feedback and comments are welcome. Good luck.

I never got a chance to say thank you for your response and definitely appreciate the time and effort you put in making that QB model.

I pivoted to Josh Allen for the week and now I’m ready to get rid of him. I grabbed Matt Ryan for next week.

I’m getting offers for Josh Allen- am I missing something? His upcoming schedule is brutal. Why would you want him?

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You’re welcome. Glad it worked out! You’re not missing anything, people are just looking at his points and not his schedule. Of course there’s a chance he overcomes the schedule and keeps putting up big numbers, but odds are much more likely he performs in line with the harder matchups. I would definitely trade him, and Ryan should be a decent option going forward with exception of maybe the week he plays SF.

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