QB for my #1?! 6 pt league

12 man league. 6 pt/TD for QB’s. PPR. I’m the 11th pick in a snake draft so, I’ll get the 1st to 2nd round draft turn. I’m new to the league and have been permitted a 1st round pick before the draft starts to make up for everyone else’s keepers already set. Keepers have taken the following off the board already…LeVeon, Gurley, Johnson, Gordon, Zeke, Antonio, DeAndre, Julio, and AJ Green. WIth a 6/TD…do I take a QB? Aaron projected over 100pts more than OBJ. Or do I grab OBJ and hope for some decent RB/WR for my 1st/2nd round picks. That would probably give me a Tier 3 for 3rd pick or Tier 4 for my 4th. I’m leaning toward WR/WR/RB as my first 3 picks and see who’s out there for QB at 4.

Probably wait on QB, you can probably get Drew Brees in the mid rounds and he’ll get you TDs

Gracias! Always helps to get a little perspective from outside my dome.

Lol, no prob

I’ve been taking Blake Bortles or Alex Smith as the last picks in my mocks. Try it, you might like the extra RB and WR depth you get. Blake Bortles has the easiest strength of schedule to start the season, and then pick up Jameis Winston when he come off suspension. All else fails, stream the position. Last year I drafted Andy Daulton in one league, and Andrew Luck in the other (both 6pt QB PassTD). Disaster? Went 9-3 on the Daulton one, and 10-3 in the Luck one, with streaming the position, and if I had started Bortles one week earlier, I would have won both Championships. :disappointed_relieved: Listen to the Ballers and take a late QB, you’ll go far.

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That works too

Don’t have to take Brees in the mid rounds, you can wait even later

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Heck Luck might slip to the later rounds, and Phillip Rivers and Alex Smith are great QBs

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LOL. When the name “Alex Smith” is mentioned, turn your back!

LOL. When the name “Alex Smith” is mentioned, turn your back!

You are all gentlemen and scholars. Thanks for the insight.

Might give Barkley a thought but Odell is great when healthy.

no. thats way too early for a QB. take the talent that is harder to find and replace in OBJ, or even barkley if they will let you take him. then wait wait and wait for a QB.

Yeah…I’m torn between Barkley and Kamara or taking OBJ. For my pre-draft keeper.

Once the draft gets started I have the 12th pick in the 1st round and 1st pick in 2nd.

So for my first 3 picks, do I go 3xtop tier WR OR RB with pre draft and 2xWR with the 12th and 13th pick. Hmmmm

It depends on the league scoring and how many of each are available to draft