QB for RBs Trade

Would you guys make a trade for Deshaun Watson by giving up Gurley, Malcom Brown and/or a Robby Anderson type of WR? I need a QB as I have Daniel Jones and Cam Newton on my bench (no IR spot), and have plenty of WRs. I also have CMC and Singletary for RBs + handcuffs on my bench.

Dynasty or redraft? How many teams? Assume not superflex.

What QBs are available through waivers? I’d prefer to not give up WR or RB assets for a QB.

Redraft 14 man league.5 PPR. QBs on the waiver wire are bonafide trash (that’s why I am still holding on to Cam) but Daniel Jones is my QB this week

Is Rudolph available for example? He has a favorable week 8 match up if Jones concerns you in week 8.

I personally wouldn’t exercise a Gurley-Watson trade but can see why one would in your position.

Case Keenum, #fitzmagic, Matt Moore, and Taysom Hill are the only starters/QBs that get clock…literal wasteland