QB Glory play?

I have Baker and Josh Allen on my team. Baker is #6 in rankings for the week and Allen is 14. I played Allen last week to make the championship and my opponent for this week texted me to please play Allen against him this week.

Do I go for the glory play and hope Allen brings me the title so I can rip on this guy for an entire year. I really want to do it. But I did pick up Baker like 3 weeks ago because of the cinci matchup this week.

Baker at home vs. CIN and Allen away vs. NE sounds like an easy choice, but I always love Allen’s floor because of his mobility. And NE is 22nd against rushing QB’s this year, 3 of the teams after them have faced Allen… So if you’re looking for big upside and a homerun game, I’d go Allen. But Baker at home against the Bengals is safe, not a very high ceiling though. Especially if it’s a blowout, Baker could see very limited action the second half.

I went with the glory play of Allen. I won by 9. Now I am trying to buy an Allen jersey before I bowl with my opponent on Thursday…

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Congrats man! Go for it :joy: Merry Christmas to you!