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QB - Goff/Ryan/Stream?


Need a win to guarantee a play-off spot (8 team league). My QB’s currently are Goff and Ryan, but i’m not in love with either of their match-ups this week.

On waivers are Winston (vs DET), Stafford (@ TB), Big Ben (vs BAL), Dalton (vs CHI), McCown (@ DEN) - amongst many others but those are my favourites. Two questions:

  • Which of those options would you lean towards?
  • If i’m picking off Waivers, are you happy keeping both Goff and Ryan or would you cut one of them (I have other options I wouldn’t be against cutting)?

Thanks Footclan!


I have Goff and Ryan too and I’m rolling out Ryan. He’s at home against a good Saints D but they are a little banged up and they can be exploited. Winston was my other option.


Interesting! I say that because of those 2 I was leaning Goff haha.

There aren’t any other options you prefer?


I was debating between Ryan and Goff. Why do you say Goff? I was thinking of sitting him because of his Matchup. Winston isn’t a bad play otherwise but he’s a toss up.


I think it’s just because Ryan’s not put up a 20+ score yet this season. It was all lined up for him to have a big game against the Bucs last week and it just didn’t happen.

I should temper this by saying i’m a complete rookie (knew next to nothing about NFL as recently as June this year) so i’m by no means an expert on the subject! Hence me asking haha.

EDIT: Interestingly the Ballers have Goff ranked #6 and Ryan #9