QB help Cam Or MaHomes

Flame it out with rookie flash Mr. MaHomes or roll out with the rush boss Cam Newton???

Booty Scootin Cam Newton

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Mahomes for me. Highest over under on the week. Also, go look at cams splits against Falcons. He’s awful. Having injuries to Neal will help though.

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Need a tie breaker!!! Lol

With the injuries on Altanta’s defense, I would give the edge to Cam…his rushing is just so valuable.
Are your passing TDs worth 4 or 6?

Standard league. Passing TDS worth 4. And thank you all for helping me. Love this forum

Love Mahomes, but I’d ride Cam this week. The injuries to Neal and Jones are huge and will have a huge impact on ATLs scheme - i.e. more vanilla coverages. When all else fails Cam will take off for those rush yards… Mahomes needs to show he can complete passes at a higher percentage and not rely on TyFreak to do what he did week1. Mahomes on the road outdoors in a must win for the Steelers vs. Cam indoors against a beat up ATL D, I’ll ride with Cam this week.

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Some good advise right there sir. Awesome

Cams stats vs Atlanta:

2017 at home: 13/24, 137 yards, 0 pass TD, 86 rushing yards 1 Rush TD
2017 at ATL: 14/34, 180 yards, 1 pass td, 3 INT, 58 rushing yards, no TDs
2016 at ATL: 14/25, 165 yards, 1 pass TD, 30 rush yards, no TDs
2016 at home: 18/43, 198 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 36 rush yards, no TDs

Injuries help a bit, but going to fade those numbers when I have an option of one of the better passers vs one of the worst passing defenses with the highest over under of the week. Ben is going to put up huge points, Mahomes is going to have to sling it to keep up. There isn’t a single player on the steelers roster capable of covering hill.

This is one of the easier decisions for me personally and it’s not even close. Especially with Olsen out.


Yeah I think I would play Cam…

Mahomes one game sample size is small, and Tyreek did a lot of the work, Steelers D have tape on him to study now, Heinz Field will be true road game unlike in LA last week.

Cam scores a couple rushing TDs this week and throws for at least one more. Bold prediction?

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I agree with this. I think Cam is gonna get a lot of yards on the ground this week with Jones and Neal out. and Mahomes is not proven yet to me. He only had to attempt a few times because they were all taken to the house… not something I would assume weekly


@MikeMeUpp makes some good points with Cam’s stats and the KC @ Pitt game script for Mahomes. But I think it is close with the edge to Cam…


Dude. Y’all are beast mode on these stats and replies!!! Love this. I’ll return the help favor if I can!!!

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It’s your team, your decision. Play who you feel comfortable with. All I can do is provide you with the information available which would suggest that’s not ideal. Vegas implied totals:

Cam: 44.5 O/U, ATL is 6 point favorites which implies 19 points for Panthers
Mahomes: 53.5 O/U, steelers 5.5 point favorites, implies 24 points for KC

Do with that what you will. I think Cam not having Olsen and Atlanta losing a couple defenders is a bit of a wash.

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Dayum @MikeMeUpp wit dem stats got me tilting on my own advice…
If I had to make this decision I’d probably be flipping back and forth until game time…
@NoSleeveNation I think you do what your gut says in the end.
Higher floor = Cam, Higher ceiling = Mahomes IMO

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Disagree with you a bit there. I think the higher floor and ceiling both go to mahomes cause how awful cam is as a passer. I think Mahomes definitely hangs at least 2 TDs on the steelers.

However, I’ll say this. When things are close, go with your gut. That’s usually what I do. At least if I’m wrong, I didn’t lose on someone else’s advice.

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For sure with those stats anyone would question theirselves. Lol. My man is on point with those stats.

Gentlemen I really hope after the results come out Sunday evening I can come back to this and talk!!! Lol

Cam, easily. I need to see it again from Mahomes. I also don’t think the impact of the loss of Neal and Jones can ne overstated. I think this going to be a slaughter.

I’m also not sure where the idea that the Steelers are a bad pass defense is coming from. They weren’t last year.

I just think higher floor due to likely rushing totals and rushing TD potential for Cam…
Put it this way…for example…
If Cam goes
250 yards passing, 1 TD, 2 INT, 60 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD
And Mahomes goes
300 yards passing, 3 TDs, 1 INT
…they both score 22 fantasy points.
Mahomes line looks like a “great game” and Cam’s looks kind of gross, but the rushing totals save Cam’s value.

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