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QB help Cam Or MaHomes


2015 - ranked 30th, 2016 - 17th, 2017 - 28th

Maybe I’m slightly biased cause I’ve been watching their D lose them games for season after season, but those numbers seem to line up with what I see on the field. They also ranked bottom 5 last year in giving up big plays of 40+ which is pretty much all Hill does. I don’t see how they stop Hill this week.

Only 2 teams that gave up more passing plays of 40 yards or more last season were Texans and Chiefs.


Mahomes is a solid rusher too, but yes, I would take Cam. His ceiling is also as high as any QB in the league, as we’ve seen.


Hope you took my advice and played mahomes. Probably going to outscore cam for the entire game in this 1st quarter.

EDIT: Like I said, steelers pass D, is straight trash.


Mahomes is the real deal. I’ll eat crow on this one…


That’s the thing it’s not just mahomes, it’s also the steelers pass D. They are awful. I always feel great starting QBs vs them every since they lost shazier. That dude was the core of the defense. Without his closing speed, there’s so many holes in the middle of the field it’s not even funny. Swiss cheese defense. Mahomes is the real deal for sure but going against one of the leagues worst pass Ds also helps.


I did play him. I didn’t see the first half but when I got home and opened the app and seen it, first thing I thought about was mr. stats on here. Hope I can come back to you if I have another question and if I can repay the favor I will. Thank you both.


Well done sir. Glad I could help you get a W.

Couldn’t do it for myself. ended up benching Dalton this week hahaha.


Another guy in our league had him on the bench too but it was a Fitzpatrick thing. Lol no one seen him throwing 3TDs in the first half like that. Lol


Ryan “Aaron Rodgers” Fitzpatrick.

I actually played him this week over Carr. Paid off…


I feel you on the Dalton thing. Drafted Tyrod, dropped for Dalton week one. Dropped Dalton for Tyrod for week two. Watch week Thursday night game.

Instant regrets.


Obviously i was wrong here, but I will say, Cam wasn’t a wrong play. He was quite good himself. Even the most optimistic Mahomes supporter could not have expected 6 TDs.

That said, he might be a set and forget it kind of guy until he proves otherwise.


I’ll say both guys over performed. I expected something to the tune of 300 yards +3 TDs from mahomes vs that steelers D.

Did not expect came to go for 300+ 3TD as well.