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QB help for playoff run


I have Goff and Smith as my qb but Rivers is a free agent and not sure who to drop. Playoffs start next week. Goff has a tough 2 game schedule with Philadelphia and Seattle. Smith’s is better with Oakland and Chargers if he gets his head out of his a$$. Rivers has the best schedule for the 2 games. Thinking drop Goff in the hopes Smith turns it around this week.


Drop goff and pick up rivers… You will most likely play rivers rest of year but If not smith has better match ups and maybe the next week or 2 they turn there offence around


Exactly what Frosty said. He keeps beating me to the answers. Lol.


I think I’d hang onto Goff over Smith. Although Goff has a rough schedule, I’d take him over Smith the way the Chiefs have been playing. Goff is looking much better and he will have something to prove being that the Rams are in the playoff stretch trying to hold their position.

Edit: That’s assuming that Smith and the Chiefs continue to play at a lower level this week.