QB HELP! Help save my season!

Had a let down Thursday night due to Kamara getting hurt and Julio underperforming. Should I start Cousins Carr Dalton Keenum or McCown in a 6pt TD league to help salvage my season? Looking for the chance at BIG points. Thanks in advance

I’d go either Carr or McCow… Probabky Carr because he has the better matchup and a chance of throwing 3 TD’s

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That’s where I was leaning toward. Something was telling me Carr or Keenum. Cousins has been hard to trust

I would go with Carr. I don’t really trust him too much, but the Chiefs have given up over 30 points to most of the good QBs they’ve played this year.

McCown isn’t a bad option, either. The Broncos haven’t been that great against a QB the last month or so and with their offense being as bad as it is, the Jets should have a short field for most of the game.

Thanks, guys. I’m going with Carr. I’ve been polling this question since losing Kamara last night and Carr seems to be the unquestioned favorite among the guys I have available to me. Plus, he’s the highest ranked in the guys’ QB rankings this week, too. Season on the line, gonna trust in my guy and the Foot