Qb help! I need to RELAX

Qb predicament. 6 point passing td. Need some advice on who to start.

Case Keenum vs Cincinnati
Dak Prescott @ Oakland
Aaron Rodgers @ Carolina

Keenum in my opinion is the safest play. Dak just had a huge game and now has a great matchup. Rodgers is so risky but he’s Rodgers lol.

Thanks guys

I’d wait to hear more about Rodgers. I personally had a choice between keenum and dak and went with keenum

Depending on the rest of your team I think I would lean Keenum at home

You’re in a great position with all 3 of those options. If it makes you feel better since I lost Wentz my 2 options are Bortles and Foles and I’m going Foles so that should make you feel a bit better lol. Good luck

I lke Keenum too. Plus that Cinci D at least as of right now is still pretty banged up. Tribuisky just played well against them haha