QB Help Stafford or Bortles

I have Stafford and Bortles. Leaning Stafford but with Fournette possibly being injured, I can see JAX needing to rely more on Bortles.

I have the same pick I’m leaning Bortles

bortles hype is a little out of control. Stafford is a far superior QB. Much safer. If you need a ton of upside, like a a random bomb, then id pick bortles

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That’s the way I was thinking of it as well, hopefully something comes out to help make the decision.

Thanks FootClan!

I have a similar conundrum: Bortles in a great match-up, Alex Smith in a bad match-up, or Goff in a very bad match-up?

For the Stafford or Bortles question, I would go with Stafford. Stafford’s hand does not seem to be an issue, home game, and reliable WRs.

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I would start Bortles in your situation, and @kylenhoffman should start Stafford.

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Thanks, that’s the plan. Just wanted to hear some re-assurement (is that a word?)

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Great feedback, thanks @Red-Wolf & @knuckl3z!

Bortles has outscored Stafford the last 3 weeks, fournette might not play, and with Westbrook stepping up more and more my opinion is Bortles. Stafford is the number 9 qb on the year and bortles is 15. Stafford is averaging 20 points while bortles is averaging 17.5.

Well did you play stafford?

I did. Oh well, I have Thielen, K Allen and Funchess so my fate was pretty much sealed by their performances.

Bottles in my league out scored stafford by 12 so it wasn’t a lot but he’s on a roll.

Is it though?