Qb help stream or trade

With Tyrod looking better, do I pick him up off waivers because of my Deshaun Watson injury? Or do I go after someone with trades?

This week I’ll be streaming Goff

I feel very confident in Taylor moving forward. I think you should look at his turnover ratio which is pretty low right now. He’s playing smart football. If you watched the game last night you can see how important he is to that offense.


If you have room on your roster for Tyrod, definitely snag him. With the recent acquisition of Kelvin Benjamin it will force the opposing defense to spread out, leaving more room for Tyrod to run. He has a nice floor because of his ability to run and he has a new weapon. Not to mention his remaining schedule is prettyy prettyyyy pretty good.

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someone recently picked him up and didnt play him (Brady owner) and I assume that they will drop him next week. Should I offer a trade for him or just bank on him being back in waivers?

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wow someone (a brady owner) picked up tyrod and Didn’t play him last night while Brady was on Bye? … wow that owner llol

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Who would you give up for Tyrod?

He offered me Ajayi for TyRod. I bet he drops him though. Would I give too to much If I go through with that trade?

If I knew your roster situation with RBs and QBs I might have a better answer but imo straight up Tyrod for Ajayi is not even. Ajayi just might make a huge comeback in philly. (phi runs the ball more than any other team)

Here is my full roster

QB: Watson
WR: Dez
WR: Crabtree
WR: Parker
RB: Ajayi
RB: A Jones
Flex: Sanu/Abdullah
BN: Lee, Gordon(Bye), Morris, Woodhead (IR)

I agree with @FatherOfTrinity. Hes trying to sell you Tyrod knowing that you need a QB, and since he racked up points in garbage time. Since we haven’t seen how Jay does behind the Eagles O line its hard to tell how valuable Jay is at this point. The eagles face a tough run defense this week so that will skew his performance as well. Based on Jay’s talent alone you can probably get a better QB for Ajayi. Also he has Brady, so he’s definitely trying to sell you Tyrod.

Whos on waivers?

Goff, Bortles, Jacoby. Thinking to stream Goff this week but is he reliable for ROS?

I can get Winston for Morris and Abdullah?

I think your best bet is to stream Goff this week, and see how Jay plays.

I would hold onto Abdullah.

You should try to package Lee and Woodhead for a QB or sell Parker.