QB Help Week 5

Hey Guys, I got Luck and Alex Smith(as my QB stream). Jimmy G was my QB drafted, With Luck coming off a good game for fantasy points can I trust him for Thursday game against Patriots.

If you can’t get hold of Bortles of the wire/FA list then i don’t think rolling with Luck is a bad choice. Smith vs the Saints is tempting but the Saints D looks to be getting better and Washington doesn’t have elite weapons at WR, TE, RB to challenge them enough to give Smith enough of a ceiling to be honest.

Plus with Ingram back they may be able to control the clock more like last season instead of getting into shoot outs every week like they have been.

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Personally I don’t like Luck this week, on a short week, especially after going to a long overtime on Sunday. I’d wonder about his shoulder, plus playing in Foxboro. We know now Sony Michel can be used and abused for 20+ carries, so NE can milk down the clock of they get a lead. Also TY Hilton looks to be out.
I’ve streamed the Pats D this week for those reasons as I’m bench stashing my brilliant Bears.
But Alex Smith isn’t great either as pointed out above. I’d drop Smith for Dalton or Mariota even this week. Who else is on the wire for you?


Yes should have asked this, who else is available there’s usually one option unless the league is 14 team+ or have QB hoarders.

Agree with Dalton and Martiota over Luck and Smith as well this week. Let us know who else is there @Donnie671

Flacco, Tribusky, Mayfield. My league is doing the 2 QB owned. :frowning:

Sorry, I’m in a Half PPR League

Ugh if that’s all that’s left on the wire you might be best with Smith and hope he checks down to Chris Thompson for some big plays, and leans on Jordan Reed.

Ok, Thanks for the Help Guys. Love the Podcast. Also I have Reed as My TE lol so I am hoping he starts throwing to him lol. Anyways again Thank you

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Good luck for your matchup

Flacco is looking really good this year, and the Browns D just got roasted by Oakland. It’s a tough call but if you need the upside and have to take the risk based on your matchup i’d go Flacco. If you can get by with the safe points i’d stick with Smith

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I’d play Smith. I like him against NO coming off of their bye week even though it’s on the road. Luck should put up at least decent numbers, too, but I think there are more factors working in Smith’s favor in this one than there are for Luck. So I think either one is a safe play, but I’d personally go with Smith.

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Thank you for the help