QB & Lineup Help! 1-4 Need a win!

Am i crazy to want to pick up J. Winston (drop WR M. Williams) and start him over Cam???

I currently have in my line up:

QB: Cam Newton
WR: D. Adams, J.Brown
RB: J. Howard, P.Linsay
TE: C.Brate (or can plug in C. Uzomah still need to see what the fellas/rankings say on these two)
Flex: C.Godwin

Bench: R.Freeman, K.Drake, C.Clement, G. Allison

Don’t start Jameis over Cam. You need better RBs, I would try to trade for one.

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unfortunately my league has 3 trade limit. which i did all in last 2 weeks in trying to make changes…

i know that my trades were bad (i’ve been told plenty of time lol) but i have to live with it

  1. gifted M. Gordan for D.Adams and K.Drake
  2. K. Cousins for J.Howard
  3. D. Cook for R.Freeman

Two things, trade limits are incredibly stupid. Those trades man…

Next year when you have “is this crazy?” ideas just say yes, that is crazy and don’t do it.