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QB mess could use advice


Not sure who I feel good with starting. My choices are Sam bradford, T Taylor, or Brees. This is a standard league


brees, its in a dome so i think the away stigma that brees carries can be put away for this game. I think its gonna be a shoot out which is obviously a good thing


I say its between Brees and Bradford.
Brees… on the road, but traditional top 5 QB, more comfort at home than on road, with Min DEF, no Cooks or Snead which he was familiar with last year…
Bradford… at home, new stadium opening night… Diggs, Theilan… Cook running, good home DEF… Minnesota favoured by 3.0 points, high total at 48 points… I might edge Bradford, but most likely close for the two QB’s


So you thinking I should start bradford?


Oh man… well… its a tough spot for you. You drafted Brees earlier then Bradford (Im guessing)
I like starting my ‘starters’ first week… but with this game Brees and Bradford are playing eachother…
If you think you might be in tough and have to make up points to win against opponent, i would lean a sneaky upside Bradford play… but it is a tough call


Yeah so far my opp had tyreek hill and cooks so hes at 28 points already. I dont have my rb from Miami so I need to catch up


Yes… but he has played his two WR on Thursday… you still have your 2 WR be match those, plus a flex play… Dont know your WR’s to match, but dont get to discouraged and feel your way behind… (you have your WR 1 and 2 to go yet)
If you need a RB play to make up for Ajayi bye week 1. you might be in tough there, try your best flier at RB in his place


I’m willing to just say start Bradford. I love brees and all, but that is a tough D on the road. Where Bradford is going against what will probably be a sub 25 ranked secondary. I expect plenty of free check down yards to cook, and 3 TDs. I do still thimk it will be close, but Bradford edges out brees for me week 1.


Yeah sounds good to me. Thank you guys for the advice :slight_smile:


I’d go Brees, but wouldn’t be surprised if Bradford outplayed him (I know, what am I saying?).


Yeah I have this gut feeling Bradford is going to go off this week, the weapons at his disposal are scary