QB Pick for the Ship?!

Goff got me here (somehow)… my opponent has only Cam Newton. So I went out and snagged a few QBs to block him. Now it’s actually a tough call for me:

J Allen

Bonus - Baldwin or Pettis in the flex?
(Plan to start R. Woods and A Cooper at WR. Non PPR)

Baldwin for sure in the FLEX for me. As far as QB’s go, all of them except maybe Goff will outperform Cam and his injury. I’d go Mayfield as the safest of the 4. Cheers!

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Goff for me. it’s AZ and this is primed to be a get right game. If Rams can’t win and clinch a bye they’re done as a team.


I like either Dak or Baker to be honest for upside but Goff should be fine this week for a good floor. Baldwin for sure in the flex vs Pettis.

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