QB pick up for week 10 Rivers or Ben R have Wentz on bye

Thinking ahead already to my week 10 match up.

I noticed that someone in my league has dropped Ben and its looking like I can pick him up for free.

For week 10:
Should I Start Rivers V Jags
Ben on the road V the colts

I have Wentz on bye and need a 1 wk QB

Thoughts? suggestions?

I kinda don’t like either option, here’s some food for thought:

Feeling good:
Goff vs Houston
Tyrod vs NO

Feeling Iffy:
McCown @ TB

Feeling Lucky (as in don’t care gonna roll the dice)
Dalton @ Tenn
Eli @ SF
Bradford @ Was
Garoppolo vs NYG

I was considering Tyrod, only thing I don’t like there is:

A) I have McCoy and
B) Tyrod doesn’t throw for many TD’s per game.

Goff just got picked up :frowning: but if he is dropped for next week that would be a fine play

Thank you :slight_smile:

Big Ben or Taylor