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Qb pick up?


6 point TD -4 pt interception. I have palmer. Prescott and Bradford are on waiver? Who do I pick up for my long term QB?


Prescott. I have him in my league and have the utmost confidence in him. He is safe, efficient, and he can give you a big week if he ends up running 2 TDs in one week. (you can always hope) Bradford had a great week 1 but I don’t see him finishing the season higher than Dak even though Bradford may have a higher ceiling.


Dak for sure


Thanks fellas. Put in a claim for dak :+1:t3:


3rd for Dak. Shocked he’s available.


honestly me too. I think I was in shock. Thats why I asked the question.


It’s unanimous. Dak


Thank you everyone. love the #footclan


In nearly any situation, dak would be the choice. However, he is going against the best defense in the league away from home. They will favor the run over the pass. I picked up Bradford and put dak on my bench for this week onlu