QB-QB in PPR Superflex

I apologize for the length of this but I’m trying to lay out the situation for some good feedback. 12 team PPR superflex keeper league with #3 pick… my keeper is Calvin Ridley at the 4.10 spot. Thoughts on starting QB-QB under these circumstances? Several of the elite RBs are going to be kept in this league… CMC, Cook, Zeke will be kept. Picks 1 & 2 will likely be Kamara & Henry. I feel that I should take Mahomes at 1.03 instead of an Aaron Jones/Austin Ekeler type, but RBs tend to fly off the board quickly in this league. Taking Mahomes will likely have me looking at Swift, Carson, Montgomery etc as my RB1 options. I feel pretty confident that there will be another elite QB available when my pick comes around in the 2nd. Allen, Murray, and Lamar Jackson will likely be taken… but I could be looking at Dak Prescott & Russell Wilson still there and then try to grab one of those RBs in the 3rd and then have Ridley as my keeper in the 4th round. Normally I wouldn’t consider starting with 2 QBs because of missing out on the elite RBs and WRs, but having Ridley in the 4th potentially makes this a viable strategy. Thoughts?

It’s a Superflex. Don’t worry about getting an elite QB, because your QB score will now be an average across two QBs, so the advantage of having a stud is muted quite a bit. Having Cousins and Ryan is just as good as having Mahomes and Darnold.

So if you can get Aaron Jones at #3, do that, and continue to scoop up the RB and WR values that fall from those scrambling to get the elite QBs.

Those are good points. This league is more like a modified Superflex in that the top QBs don’t typically come off the board as early as they would in a “normal” Superflex draft. For example, I believe Mahomes and Jackson went in the first round last year, but after that, the next QB taken was Dak in the 3rd round.

So I wondered if it might be a good idea to zig while the rest of the league is zagging so to speak. Get 2 of the top 5 QBs and take advantage of values in the middle rounds when the inevitable QB run occurs. It just seems like having two top 5 QBs in a Superflex and also having a top 5 WR could be a potential advantage given that the roster should have a pretty high floor week to week. My concern is being weak at RB and it’s obviously really difficult to piece that position together the later you get in drafts and through waivers in season. But the values during the draft are always at WR in this league, and most RBs go earlier than their ADPs