QB Quandary Wk1

All the quality QB’s went early in my draft and so I drafted Mahomes in the 10th and then Ryan with my last pick.

Both are on the road in Wk 1 (Mahomes @ LAC and Ryan @ PHI. Which one do I start?

Orrrrr do I drop one for Tyrod just for wk1 and hope to pick them back up after?

Depends on the rest of your lineup but i’m probably going Mahomes because of the upside. I think KC is gonna get worked but they’ll have to drop some bombs to stay in it, so there’s a chance you get a really good week out of Mahomes, or a chance he poops his pants. I think Ryan will be consistently mediocre which is then where the rest of your situation comes in. Usually week 1 i try upside though because there’s still a whole season to play.