Qb question mark

Do I dare play Tyrod Taylor over Aaron Rodgers. Tyrod seems safe wit a easier match up while a-rod is on a bum knee wit a terrible match up. What we think fellas. Thanks

you drafted rodgers for a reason right? you spent what was probably a 3rd round pick maybe a 4th, you kind of have to start him otherwise you wasted your pick on rodgers, why draft him if you’re gonna roster 2 qbs and bench him when he isn’t injured. people wait on qbs for value and you wanna start the value guy while you have what was probably the 1st qb off the board and a top 5 guy end of year. i can see the temptation but rodgers should always start if he is gonna play.

Start your studs. If Rodgers plays, you play him. No thought required

Don’t get cute. it’s very possible Tyrod finishes with more points, but do you want to start Tyrod and then sit there and watch Rodgers go nuts if he does? I fully expect Minn to do well against them and shut him down, but still wouldn’t take the chance of leaving him on my bench either

Rodgers may not go off this week but I don’t see anyone shutting him down. Especially at Lambeau