QB question & team advice

Hi foot clan,

My team is struggling mightily. I’ve lost 3 in a row and am in need of a boost. I’ve been bit by the injury bug a bit (not as bad as D.Cooks), and my QB play of late has been bad. Should I dump C. Palmer and try to grab D. Watson off of waivers? My backup QB would be Wentz.

In fact, my team is in need of serious changes I think…I’ve got:

QB: Palmer, Wentz
RB: Zeke, Montgomery, White, Riddick
WR: J Jones, A Cooper, K Allen, P Garcon, JJ Nelson
TE: Rule 86, Cook

I’m thinking of swapping Cook for Engram and trying to pickup Kamara. I hope people in my league own’t target him due to the bye week. I’ve got #4 waiver priority.

Any other thoughts – trade J Jones?

My thoughts. Yes pick up watson drop palmer. Palmer is old and struggling watson is young and has a great matchup this week. also watch his highlights HE LOOKS AMAZING. Zeke and montgomery is very scary. So it cooper. Allen is good and garcon should have a great matchup this week. Drop cook and take engram no doubt. he’s top 10 this year if not top 12. Keep jones you need his week winning potential. You can trade him on one condition. Zeke is resuspended and montgomerey is out. White is hit or miss. He will always be a good floor but he has an inconsistent ceiling. I know Im a white owner/pats fan. Trade jones only if you can get a good running back value in return. I.e bell, hunt, fournette, ect. If you can get fournette, a rb2, and a wr3 for cooper and jones that would be awesome. try and trade cooper imo. He’s going to suck for a while. Just not worth the worry. Try to trade coop for a better rb2. you just need consistency for now.

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Thanks for the advice! I should also mention that A. Kamara is on waivers and this is a full point PPR. So the question I have now is who to prioritize for pickup, Kamara or Watson

watson since kamara has a bye. kamara will hopefully be left alone.

That was my thought too. One can only hope, right!

trust my buddy. I’m on the same boat. Hoping i can get kamara. He’s my number two pick up on waivers.

I’ve got Palmer and am waiting for the bottom to fall out. Not only do I worry about arm fatigue, but his O line isn’t protecting him. I have put in a substantial bid on Watson to replace Palmer and just hope it’s enough cuz he looks like the real deal to me. If you can’t get Engram, I think ASJ is a good option going forward. I also own Montgomery and am worried that even when he comes back he won’t get the snaps and touches he had. I suspect you’d be selling low on Julio, but who knows what you can get for him. BTW, I don’t think Julio has ever finished as a top 5 WR more than once so don’t expect too much from him, but most people automatically consider him a top 3 WR so that buoys his trade value. Cooper? I was offered Cooper for Cooks and turned it down. That was before Carr went down. Now I don’t know what to expect, but you can’t get much value for him so I’d stash him and hope that Carr recovers quickly and his value comes back somewhat. I will put in a waiver wire request on Kamara. Mine is only a half PPR and I think Kamara’s workload increases enough to make him worth a flyer. Kamara is one of those guys that fantasy owners think should be the main guy, but coaches rarely agree. I’m curious about Jaron Brown and suggest you consider picking him up if he’s available. His targets are healthy and that usually leads to production.

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Thanks for the advice, I love the J. Brown suggestion. I actually think I should try to swap Nelson for Brown considering the target share favors Brown as well as the red zone targets.

I think in full PPR if Monty comes back he is a fantastic #2 for Zeke (assuming he gets the whole season) in a full PPR. My thinking re: Jones is that he is way under performing where he likely will end up on the season, so if past is prologue then he will bounce back in a strong way after the bye. But, that could just be wishful thinking.

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Odd other question…given how much kickers can score – should I dump Bailey from the 'Boys and try to get one of the other waiver kickers who are scoring a lot more?

kickers can score a ton based on your scoring format. I like to stream kickers tbh. The rams kicker is on fire rn. Some kickers put up double digits based on matchups if you can find the right on.e

I basically don’t draft kickers (or DSTs). Both are streamable unless your league is deeper than 12. I know Bailey is a great kicker, but I think I’d rather have a guy who is reliable and kicking without major hindrances. I tend to end up with Prater or whoever has a stretch of good matchups.

That makes sense to me. How much stock to you all put into the ‘give up the 6th most points to kickers’ stuff from Yahoo and ESPN? I generally go with the high o/u. I’m not sure of the best strategies.

For me. Traditionally I go after offenses who are either really bad or really good playing defenses who are really good. Like a team playing the cowboys. The cowboys defense will allow enough yards for a field goal or a touchdown. Yanno? Both point options.