QB questions for week 11 onwards

I have both Wentz and Prescott in a standard league.

Should I keep them both or use one of them (I’m thinking Prescott) as bait for a trade for a decent WR (thinking AJ green) and maybe adding someone like ted Ginn or Baldwin for them.


yeah I would trade Prescott for a wr or rb

You’re not sitting Wentz, ever, but only an idiot would accept Prescott and Ginn for AJ Green. An idiot may accept Prescott and Baldwin for Green although I doubt that too. If you can pull that off, def do it.

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Who do you think I should aim for then with Prescott and Baldwin?

Should I aim for crabtree or is that too low? Mike Evans?

It’s hard to say cuz bundling a QB and a WR is like comparing apples and oranges. If I were you, I’d target the team with a bad QB, bundle Prescott with whoever and aim for their best player.

I think you would be the idiot with Prescott and Baldwin for green. I would try Prescott and ginn for dez or Crabtree.

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Cheers for the help