QB/RB Trade Advice

I’ve been streaming QBs, but waiver wire is very thin (best out there now is Siemian) and think I need an upgrade.

One of the other teams has Allen/Mahomes, and another has Hurts/Rodgers. Both are in need of an RB.

Thinking of starting by offering Gibson for one of them. Do you think that is worth doing? And what order would you target for the QBs?

My roster is below (right now I’m 4-6 and borderline for playoffs) …

QB: Heinicke
RB: Ekeler, Montgomery, Gibson, Patterson (IR), Dillon, Wilson Jr., D’Ernest, Herbert
WR: Cooper, Higgins, Sanders, Davis
TE: Friermuth
DST: Titans
K: Bullock

10-team, 1/2 PPR, Redraft, QB/2RB/2WR/FLEX/TE/DST/K

Bumping for help.

I think my two options are probably to offer Gibson for Allen or Dillon for Hurts (Hurts owner is also the Jones owner). Not sure if that would get it done, but think that’s a reasonable starting point based on their needs.

The one thing I worry about is in a week or two, if Jones and Mitchell are back and Patterson is still hurt, that will leave me with only 2 viable RBs and my WRs aren’t strong/deep enough to use as a flex too.

With your format, I’d pick up Simien. Keep your depth and stream away.

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Thanks. I actually realized that Justin Fields was on the wire too … like him a little better than Siemian (matchup + ability to run), so ended up picking him up and will roll with that.