QB/RB Waiver Moves and Roster Construction Priority?

Hi all!

I’m playing in a 12-team 0.5 PPR league that uses a FAAB budget of $100. Week 1 went as poorly for me as possible. As of now, here’s the construction of my roster:

QB: Philip Rivers, Andy Dalton
RB: Melvin Gordon, Lamar Miller, Theo Riddick, Jacquizz Rodgers, Rex Burkhead
WR: Golden Tate, Davante Adams, Mike Wallace, Eric Decker, Corey Coleman, Kenny Golladay
TE: Jimmy Graham, Cameron Brate
D/ST: Minnesota Vikings
K: Justin Tucker

This league plays 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEXes, 1 D/ST, and 1 K per week.

Due to his awful outing against Baltimore this week that cost me my matchup, I’m considering dropping Dalton for one of Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, Deshone Kizer, Blake Bortles, Jay Cutler, or Trevor Siemian. I’m looking for a season-long backup out of this group of seven QBs. Should I stick with Dalton and just keep him on my bench for this week, or make a bid on one of the other six QBs available? And if the latter, how much of my FAAB should I bid?

I think I have more “studs” at RB (in Gordon and maybe Miller) than I do at WR, though I’d argue I have much more depth at WR. Would I be better off looking to maybe consolidate some of my WRs to get a single “stud” WR and either a low-tier RB or an open roster space? Or should I look to the waiver wire for someone like Tarik Cohen, Buck Allen, Kerwynn Williams, Chris Johnson, Marlon Mack, or Mike Tolbert?

If I choose to go the route of trading for an upgraded WR, which of my current receivers should I keep open to trade and which should be “untouchable” (maybe Tate or Adams?)? Who might be an example of a WR that makes sense for me to target? If I choose to go the route of looking at the waivers for an RB, which of the available backs should I take and how much should I be willing to bid on them in what is a very active, well-informed, and competitive league? I’ve been considering $7-12 bids for either Cohen or Allen, but I’m not confident. Would the player to drop be Burkhead or Brate? Or one of my WRs? I’m hesitant to drop Coleman due to his rapport with Kizer and Golladay because I want to give him more time on my bench to see if he’s actually legitimate.

In short, my questions are:

  1. Should I be looking to move Dalton for a different backup QB, and if so, at what cost?

  2. Should I prioritize trading for a stud at WR or improving depth at RB?
    – If looking for a WR, which of my current players should I hold as untouchable and who should I be looking to acquire?
    – If looking for a RB, which of the guys on the waiver wire should I submit bids for, for how much should those bids be, and who should I drop instead?

Thanks for the help, everyone!

Man that was a novel and a half right there haha. Don’t worry I got you man and I’m going to return the favor. I can see your dilemma with Dalton. If theres one thing I can tell you its that you shouldn’t overreact to week 1. Dalton will come around, however if you wanted to target one of those QBs I would go with Bradford. I’d only throw $3-5 on him bc you’re not in dire need for him but that would be an upgrade in my opinion. (New OL looks adequate and Cook establishes the run game for them - sets up passing game)

I agree with you assessment of your RBs and WRs.
You’re not in need of a RB for at least the next 3 weeks while Doug Martin is out, but I would still highly recommend targeting Cohen and Buck Allen.
Cohen - will be more expensive ($20-25) if you want him but should be a solid flex option for the rest of the year
Buck Allen - Great temporary fix (Woodhead out for 4-6 weeks) cost less ($14-18) but again not sure how long you will be able to use him. If I had to predict, Woodhead is going to be really limited this season - way to injury prone) So it should still be a great buy.

I would only for one of these two so you dont accidentally get both and spend all your money week 1.
Just so you know I’m putting my money where my mouth is, I have a claim for Cohen $25 and even one for Allen $21 (I had both Woodhead and David Johnson go down). If you bet $7-12 you wont get either, esp in 12 man league.
Cohen is an opportunity that only comes up a handful of times in a season.

Your WRs are solid but its too early to think about trading them. You’ll have 3 maybe 4 in this group turn out to be WR2-WR3. I would wait until one of them has a big week and try to ship 2 of them off to someone that needs more depth. In a 12 man league its only a matter of time before that happens. Keep Tate no matter what. Adams is a possible keep bc Cobb looked good but again its only week 1. Patience grasshopper

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1.wait on Dalton… Week 4and 5 you wi prob be able to start him… If you feel the need to get another QB if def go bradford $3-$5

  1. Look to trade tate and maybe an upside RB for one better WR.

I’d look to pick cohen or tolbert off waivers… Cohen $15-$20
Tolbert $9

I’d drop burkhead or brate for any pickups…

I like golladay alot but don’t think he has games like last week more than 5or 6 more weeks… So if I could package him to an owner now or in a week or so when he has 2-3 good games id do that.