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QB Start Dalton or Dak


Who should I start?
Dak vs Chargers
Dalton vs Cleveland


I’m in the same spot in a 4.5 TD league. I went with Dalton, who just had 3 TDs against Denver. Looks like Dalton is starting to catch fire.

When I made that decision, Tyron Smith was not expected to be back. Now I see that he is set to return. Still, I think I lean Dalton because hey, it’s the Browns, and he will show up for the Battle of Ohio.

I know the three wise men disagree (it’s evident in their rankings). One of the few times I disagree with them.


No doubt, start Dalton going against Cleveland. Wait and see how Dak plays this week but don’t give up on him.


Thanks. Going with Dalton


Dalton is the choice. Dak will perform much better today if he gets his tackle Smith back. If not, dak will be running for his life again. 12 sacks in two games with smith out