QB Start for week 3

Who would you start between

Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Blake Bortles?

I’m playing rivers because i think it turns into a shootout, but he’s not the safest floor TBH. I just have rivers or stafford in one league and stafford is hot garbage so far.

What i’m worried about Rivers is that the Titan’s offense sucks so I feel like they might run the ball after going up 21-0 etc. But yea, all these qb’s have worries just gotta make the best decision

Rivers is playing the Rams this week though.


It would be Bortles for me this week. The Eagles and Rams D are elite. Granted, the Rams have not played a decent offense yet, but with that pass rush and secondary they are scary good and will likely give Rivers a hard time. I don’t see him having a high ceiling this week. The same thing goes for Indy against the Eagles.

Bortles has a safe rushing floor and played well last week. The Titans have not been impressive defensively so I think he has a safe floor and chance for a big game.

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I agree on Bortles having the safest game. I like rivers because i feel like he’ll be forced to throw his way back into the game. Then again i’m really re-evaluating if i’m playing him versus stafford who may also be in a shootout but against a way worse defense.

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never gets easier lol q-q

Rivers will be forced to throw but so was Carr. He had no time to throw and he has an elite O-line blocking for him.