Qb start help week 12

With Jared Goff on bye I’m forced to play Big Ben. Is Big Ben a good play? Or should I stream and who should I stream? Half ppr

Depends on who you could stream. This is one of the better years in terms of Big Ben being on the road but if you could go stream a Rivers, I’d do that. I wouldn’t stream a Flacco/Jackson over Ben.

Rivers is taken in my league. What about Mullen’s? I heard the guys talk about him on the show. I’m projected to lose by 10 this week and I need solid qb start.

If you’re projected to lose by 10 this week go big with Baker if you can. I think the Browns are going to get into a shoot out with the Bengals. I wouldn’t want to play Mullens personally! I think the guys talked about him because he is going to be one of the most widely available QBs. I think you’re more likely to get a 30point game and get that comeback with Baker than you are with Mullens.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

I’ve had Ben almost all year- Pittsburgh’s offense is doing really well. I would def play Ben over Mullens.
I’m in 2 leagues and in one league I have BB going and in the other I had to stream Mullens. I feel way more confident on the Roethlisberger team than Mullen’s.

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Do you have any other options in the league you’re streaming Mullens?

Nah not really. Some jerk picked up Jackson and Winston to add to his already Stafford led team. Maybe he can flex a QB to get a win- A-hole. Anyway, I slept on Dak because I thought it would be tighter with Washington and the only other ones left are Tannehill, Mariota, Allen, Rosen, etc etc. So I’m riding with Mullen.

Plus my stupid league limits us with only 4 FA moves a week so I have to save my last move in case Gronk doesn’t play.

Dang that Gronk part makes it tough. My suggestion would have been Baker I really think he could have an interesting next four weeks especially if this matchup with the Bengals goes the way I think it might… a hammer the over kind of matchup…

Roll with Big Ben, if it were my team Big Ben is in my starting lineup every week no matter who the match up cause this dude could up 5 touchdowns anywhere


Big Ben was one of only two QBs to throw for over 300yards against the 2015 Broncos. Broncos D isn’t what it used to be but it is still well coached. I agree with you yet again friend! Ben honestly could be a lock the rest of the season.

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