QB Start Help

Ok guys/gals. I think I’ve got a pretty good problem to have this week. Who to start at QB out of these three studs:

Aaron Rodgers @ Carolina
Drew Brees vs NYJ
Philip Rivers @ KC

Are people really starting Rodgers on his first week back? I have to admit that I’m really hesitant there. I think I’m leaning Rivers, but want to know what the clan thinks. Thanks in advance.

I think I would go Brees and then RIvers. Just a gut feeling that Brees goes off again.

if rodgers comes back im starting rodgers. im weary about his carolina matchup but for me its either that or blake bortles.

I’ll be starting rivers in 1 league and Rodgers in another.

I would probably go with rivers very Rodgers because of matchup and GB might still try to run with Williams more instead of pass heavy.

I wouldn’t trust Brees based on the whole season so far, is he even a QB1 this year?

In our Standard Scoring 10 Team League he is ranked #10 amongst QBs. So yeah, barely a QB1. Not terrible, but not his usual stuff due to the revived NO running game. His matchup with NYJ seems kinda juicy though…

I personally would lean toward Rivers against that awful KC defense. Brees does have a juicy matchup though at home. I would keep an eye on Kamara as if he is healthy they tend to focus on running the ball more. I don’t expect this game to be close which I think does hurt him some.

I would lean Rivers over Rodgers just because Rivers is on fire and it’s Rodgers’ first game back in a tough matchup. I’d avoid Brees because that game should be over halftime (maybe sooner).

Thanks for the insight guys! I’m still leaning towards Rivers but the news that Rodgers is cleared to play is making it so hard. Can I really sit Rodgers? I’d hate myself if he has a huge game. The Carolina matchup definitely has me concerned though.