QB start question week 1 of playoffs

Cousins v LAC, Bottles v SEA, Gabbert vs TEN (ugh, hard to believe I’m considering this), or Manning vs DAL?

Cousins. He is the most reliable of that group. Borttles has played OK as of late but Seattle will bring a lot of pressure and he does not do well in that scenario. Gabbert has played better than expected but his history suggests inconsistency. Eli could be really fired up but he doesn’t normally put up huge numbers vs Cowboys and hasn’t at all this season. Washington has alot of weapons and he has the best chance to put up a good stat line

Please see my post “WR ? - pick 1 to start” if you have a chance

You’re probably right, but that OL vs the Chargers pass rush scares me. Especially w/o Thompson as a safety valve. Gabbert vs TEN is interesting, but it’s freaking Blaine Gabbert…