QB start/sit for the title

I need to dethrone the reigning champ, who knocked me out of the playoffs last year.

I have Russell Wilson and Blake Bortles.

Bortles has a juicy matchup but will SF be able to keep it close enough for him to air it out?
Wilson is a stud but he’s going up against the league sack leader with a porous O-Line.

Advice appreciated.

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I have a similar situation: Bortles, Smith, or Goff. I feel your pain.

For your situation: Bortles has a safer floor but Wilson has a higher ceiling, so it may depend on if you need safe points or a chance at BIG points. Also, Fournette is back so if Jax gets a lead they may be content feeding the run game and Bortles is more of a game manager.

I don’t really have a decision for you, but this is my analysis; hope it helps. Good luck.